Acadiana Bird Club INC.
The club supports a bird sanctuary for unwanted exotic birds that is managed by Brett Vincent (a member of the
club).  Brett will take any unwanted exotic birds and care for them  no matter of the condition or circumstance.  
Some of these birds are available for adoption but some are special needs and will most likely live at the sanctuary
for the remainder of their life.  

All adopters will be screened and all birds come with an adoption contract. Adoptions are at Brett's discretion, if
he does not feel it is the best permanent home for the bird (based on his experience and knowledge of the bird) he
will continue on to the next potential adopter in hopes of finding a compatible home.  If there is an adoption fee
involved, the check should be written to the Acadiana Bird Club as a donation and the club will use all of the
money to support the sanctuary.  All donations are tax deductable.   You may donate through PayPal by clicking on
the button below.  Just state in the comment section that you want your donation to go to the bird sanctuary.  
Monetary donations will go towards feed, wire and vet bills for the sanctuary birds.
Birds at the Sanctuary
Pictured on the right is a 6 year old female eclectus (Rosie)
that was an owner surrender. She came from a great home,
but her owners were having some personal issues and
didn't want her to be locked up all the time, as they could no
longer keep her out of her cage. She also got attacked by a
dog at the previous owners house and they brought her to
LSU Vet Clinic to get her evaluated due to the severity of her

It was decided that an amputation of her right wing was
necessary, but that doesn't stop her! I am told that she did
an amazing job at recovering, as she didn't stress nor pluck,
and remained a trooper throughout the whole process. She
was very bonded to her owner (a woman)! When Rosie got
here she would only step up when on the bottom of the
cage.  Well that quickly changed when she became familiar
with her new surroundings. Her temperament changed and
she didn't want to have contact with anyone, became very
cage aggressive, and wouldn't let anyone near her.

Already adopted!
Also pictured is a male Meyers parrot of unknown age (We
suspect older).  He was an owner surrender because  he
didn't want to pair/mate with a female. The previous owner
didn't want to continue  feeding a bird who would not breed
for him (Sad, but true) so he ended up here. He is a very
shy bird and flys away from you when you walk up to the
cage, he is not aggressive and won't charge the cage. This
Meyers gets along great with others birds in his cage if as
long as they aren't pushy towards him. He is currently with a
Quaker and they get along great!

Adoption fee $200
Nonmonetary donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to the sanctuary birds. Items that are appreciated are

- wood for perches and/or chewing (non treated)
- fresh fruits and veggies
- mixed nuts
- toys  

Contact Brett at 337-224-0388 or email him at