Acadiana Bird Club, INC.
Classified Ads for Members

Only members are allowed to place an ad.  All ads must be bird related.  If you like to place an ad email Dan
Vollmer at  You are allowed up to 75 words and up to two pictures.  For now there is no limit
on the amount of ads members can place.  All ads will be deleted after 45 days unless notice is given to renew.  If
item or bird is no longer available please email Dan to have it removed.
Free 5 gallon buckets of cement.  Great for making bird perches
or making concrete for posts with nesting boxes or feeders.  Can
be used to fill cracks in concrete.  Available only at our meetings
to members only and in limited quantities.  Contact Dan Vollmer at to have some buckets delivered to you at our
meetings or to be picked up in Abbeville, LA.
Free Items
Wanted to Buy
Bird Related Items for Sale
42 Gallon bag of wood shavings.  Type of wood consists of pine,
cypress, and pecan.  Recommended for wood duck nesting
boxes.  $2/bag to club members or $3/bag to non members.  
Contact Dan Vollmer at to be delivered at the
next meeting or to be picked up in Abbeville, LA.
Acadiana Bird Club Items for Sale
(All items sold go to support the club)
Acadiana Bird Club T-Shirts.  Members $10, Non
members $15.  Available at our
bird fairs and at our meetings
Acadiana Bird Club coaster set.  Member, $18,
Non members $
20.  Available at our bird fairs
and our club meetings.
Birds for Sale
Female Eclectus for my male that lost his mate and a Female Blue
Fronted Amazon that is of breeding age for my male.  Dan Vollmer,